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*Synch Festival
Electronic Music and Digital Arts
2nd Edition
1-3 July 2005
Lavrio Technological & Science Park, Athens, Greece
Synch Cinema
International Call for Entries
*This year's Synch Festival will take place at Lavrio Technological & 
Science Park during 1-3 July 2005. In it's 2nd Edition, Synch is being 
expanded to include contemporary trends in the field of Media Arts. Part 
of this expansion, *Synch Cinema* is introduced, as a non-competitive 
short film/ video festival that wishes to present and promote works of 
Greek and International film and video artists who overcome the 
conventional narrative cinema while they experiment with image and sound 
by creative and innovative use of new media.    
For the 2005 edition, Synch Cinema wishes to gather works that 
investigate the concept proposed by the festival's very own name: *Synch*.

Synch, as a concept, is central to all time-based arts, denoting the 
 fundamental relationship between sound and image. In synch, out of 
synch, synchronization, synchronous, asynchronous: whichever approach or 
free interpretation of this theme is welcome.
We invite international independent film and video makers to submit 
their works so as to be taken under consideration for the selection 
process for the festival's programme. Short films (less than 30min) of 
every genre are welcome. Works that deviate from, or challenge 
traditional genres are more than welcome. Selection shall be made 
according to the innovative quality of the works, and treatment of the 
festival's 2005 theme: synch. Emphasis shall be put on very short films 
(less than 2min).


-       We accept short films (trt<30 min) completed after January 1st, 

-       Selected films and videos shall be screened in BETA SP and/or 
DVD format. Please send your work in a format adequate for high 
resolution screening as preview copies are screening copies. We accept: 
_PAL_ mini DV, PAL BETA SP, all region dvd, data-dvd with uncompressed 
video file.

-       Please do not submit original copies, we cannot be responsible 
in case of damage or loss.

-       Submitted copies are not returned but remain in the festival's 
records. Copies can be returned only if a self-addressed, stamped 
envelope is included.

-       Please  include in your submission package a CD with 2-3 high 
resolution stills of the work (jpg or tiff format), a short biography 
note, as well as a short description of the work (50 words or less).

-       If your work is accepted, you will be notified by e-mail, by 
June 10th, 2005.

Submission Deadline (postmarked by): May 23, 2005

Please complete the entry form ( to be found at Synch Cinema 
International Call: www.synch.gr) and mail it with a copy of your work 
and the relevant material to:

*Synch Festival
Synch Cinema
To the attention of:Ms Eleni Gioti
10-12 Chimaras Str.
15125 Maroussi
Athens - Greece
*For any queries please send e-mail to: *_cinema at synch-festival.com_*
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