[NetBehaviour] a residency idea/call for contributions

Jason Nelson heliopod at gmail.com
Tue May 17 08:57:19 CEST 2005


Not sure how many migrated back to this list. But those that have
joined back in, might be interested in taking part with my proposed
residency. As I said long ago, I will be creating small digital
creatures inspired by people on this list. I am imagining 24
total..Two each day. Maybe more.

But what I need are people to volunteer images, text, sounds and the
like of their work or of them I prefer those personal notes and family
pictures. Then I will make a creation about you, on you, over you.

If you respond to this back channel I will be sure to include
you...and if I don't get enough then I'll find what I can on the net
and blast away.

So again CONTRIBUTE!!!!!!

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