[NetBehaviour] come on and contribute!!!!!!!!

Jason Nelson heliopod at gmail.com
Thu May 19 05:28:25 CEST 2005

now come on kids...I know we are all swamped and such, but I I need
others to particpate..so read below ....please, pretty please, pretty
damn fancy please...


Not sure how many migrated back to this list. But those that have
joined back in, might be interested in taking part with my proposed
residency. As I said long ago, I will be creating small digital
creatures inspired by people on this list. I am imagining 24
total..Two each day. Maybe more.

But what I need are people to volunteer images, text, sounds and the
like of their work or of them I prefer those personal notes and family
pictures. Then I will make a creation about you, on you, over you.

If you respond to this back channel I will be sure to include
you...and if I don't get enough then I'll find what I can on the net
and blast away.

So again CONTRIBUTE!!!!!!

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