[NetBehaviour] Eggheads Invent Tele-Petting

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Thu May 19 12:50:11 CEST 2005

*Eggheads Invent Tele-Petting *

By Lakshmi Sandhana

02:00 AM May. 17, 2005 PT

Researchers have developed a cybernetic system to allow physical 
interaction over the internet. The system allows touching and feeling of 
animals or other humans in real time, but it's first being tried out on 
-- chickens.

ou walk into your office, where a hollow, chicken-shaped doll sits on a 
mechanical positioning table close to your computer.

The doll whirs to life as soon as you switch on the system, duplicating 
the motion of a real chicken in the backyard whose movements are being 
captured by a webcam.

Fondling the doll translates into touching the real fowl.

Touch sensors attached to the doll convey tactile information to a 
nearby PC through radio signals. The data is sent over the internet to a 
remote computer near the chicken; the remote computer triggers tiny 
vibration motors in a lightweight haptic jacket worn by the fowl. more...

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