[NetBehaviour] Jason Nelson- List Residency

Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Sat May 21 15:19:14 CEST 2005

Hi Jason and all,

In a burst of enthusiasm, I think we may have tried to kick off on your 
residency a bit too soon. Also we usually post a bio and background of 
the artist, and what the residency is about - so that other subscribers 
know more of the context of what to expect and interact with. So 
apologies for this oversight.

People are wandering back to the list in a very relaxed manner but even 
some of the other crew, of the Furtherfield team aren't even 
re-subscribed yet. This is because, many people expected us to put them 
back on the list automatically, rather than them do it themselves...

So.....perhaps we should postpone this one till an official launch of 
your residency for Monday 30th May.

I'll be sending you some personal content via PM very soon Jason. 
Looking forward to seeing a condensation of myself, my family and my 
ancestors manifested as a small digital creature next to other 
similarly condensed lineages connected by NetBehaviour.


> now come on kids...I know we are all swamped and such, but I I need
> others to particpate..so read below ....please, pretty please, pretty
> damn fancy please...
> Not sure how many migrated back to this list. But those that have
> joined back in, might be interested in taking part with my proposed
> residency. As I said long ago, I will be creating small digital
> creatures inspired by people on this list. I am imagining 24
> total..Two each day. Maybe more.
> But what I need are people to volunteer images, text, sounds and the
> like of their work or of them I prefer those personal notes and family
> pictures. Then I will make a creation about you, on you, over you.
> If you respond to this back channel I will be sure to include
> you...and if I don't get enough then I'll find what I can on the net
> and blast away.
> So again CONTRIBUTE!!!!!!
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