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Sat May 21 18:25:41 CEST 2005

Just had a thought regarding this project -- sort of reminds me of

I worked with this artist on a show I did called "Get The Story" ("Haal Verhaal"
in Dutch).

Incidentally -- also does a drawing a day -- but I see he hasn't done so since


Quoting Ruth Catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org>:

> Hi Jason and all,
> In a burst of enthusiasm, I think we may have tried to kick off on your
> residency a bit too soon. Also we usually post a bio and background of
> the artist, and what the residency is about - so that other subscribers
> know more of the context of what to expect and interact with. So
> apologies for this oversight.
> People are wandering back to the list in a very relaxed manner but even
> some of the other crew, of the Furtherfield team aren't even
> re-subscribed yet. This is because, many people expected us to put them
> back on the list automatically, rather than them do it themselves...
> So.....perhaps we should postpone this one till an official launch of
> your residency for Monday 30th May.
> I'll be sending you some personal content via PM very soon Jason.
> Looking forward to seeing a condensation of myself, my family and my
> ancestors manifested as a small digital creature next to other
> similarly condensed lineages connected by NetBehaviour.
> cheers
> Ruth
> > now come on kids...I know we are all swamped and such, but I I need
> > others to particpate..so read below ....please, pretty please, pretty
> > damn fancy please...
> >
> >
> > Not sure how many migrated back to this list. But those that have
> > joined back in, might be interested in taking part with my proposed
> > residency. As I said long ago, I will be creating small digital
> > creatures inspired by people on this list. I am imagining 24
> > total..Two each day. Maybe more.
> >
> > But what I need are people to volunteer images, text, sounds and the
> > like of their work or of them I prefer those personal notes and family
> > pictures. Then I will make a creation about you, on you, over you.
> >
> > If you respond to this back channel I will be sure to include
> > you...and if I don't get enough then I'll find what I can on the net
> > and blast away.
> >
> > So again CONTRIBUTE!!!!!!
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