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Sun May 22 15:30:08 CEST 2005

Dear all,

Here are the news:

I )- The new "Electric Green Sheep":

I would like to introduce you the American Artist Millie Niss, who will be
our Museum Newsletter Collaborative Review's June guest and invite you to
browser at:


Millie Niss has been making web-based computer art since 2000, when she
discovered Flash and HTML.  Her work has been published on wordcircuits.com,
bannerart.org, Rhizomes/hyperrhiz, The Museum of the Essential and Beyond
That, trAce, thirdplacehgallery.org, and others.  A list of her publications
on the web is at www.sporkworld.org/webpub.html    Since 2001, Millie has
been maintaining her website www.sporkworld.org , which focuses on web art
and poetry (although the poetry on it is old).  Themes of work on Sporkworld
include cities (especially New York), mental illness, contemporary poetry,
politics, and more.  Millie presented a workshop on Sound Poetry in Flash in
2004 at the trAce Online Writing Centre's Incubation3 Symposium in
Nottingham, England.  In 2004, a drawing from one of her animations appeared
in Rachel Greene's Book _Internet Art_ in Thames & Hudson publisher's "World
of Art" series.

Millie Niss also enjoys writing poetry and prose, and her poems and articles
have been published widely online and some in print, including in The
Buffalo News, Artvoice, The New York Times, Friends' Journal, New York City
Voices (print), and futhertxt.org, unlikelystories.org, Beehive, poetz.com,
Big Bridge, sidereality, poetrysz, m.a.g., and others (online).  She loves
to read poetry and novels, especially contemporary experimental works and
some classics, and enjoys literature which is postmodern and does not make
sense and/or is written in nonstandard styles.  Millie is also very
interested in science, medicine, mathematics, and computer science, and
likes to base her work on scientific and technical ideas and algorithms.

The review will begin on June 10 th.

If you want to join the Musem Newsletter, browser at:
http://arteonline.arq.br .

If you did not read the first Collaborative Review on the work of French
Artist Isabel Saij, the adress to do it is:



II )-The new works at the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That:


1- The sheep by Fred Forest, a pionner of video art and Internet art in
France - http://arteonline.arq.br/sheep, find - page bottom - Fred Forest
Forest received the  communication's prize in São Paulo's Benal 1973 and he
will do a retrospective exhibition at Paço das Artes de São Paulo, next 2006

Browser at http://www.fredforest.org/Ina and type the name "mouton" (sheep)!
Also writes a definition and you will receive a signed work by Fred Forest.

Fred Forest also has a web museum at:


Being there do not forget of  looking  for:


At http://arteonline.arq.br/sheep/

I would like to call your attention to the new Sheep which have
arrived at the museum. http://arteonline.arq.br/sheep/ , specially for the
delicious but  seriously political song sent by Louise Desrenards (France)


2- "Promiscuous Design" by Jason Nelson (USA / Australia) at
Anthropological / Sociological Gallery of the museum:


Although Jason is currently  swayed by the tropical heat and forest, he
misses the treeless plains of Oklahoma.  His work has appeared most
everywhere, but can always be seen at either http://www.heliozoa.com or
http://www.secrettechnology.com his most recent fascination is with mail. If
you e-mail him your snail mail address he will send you an artistically
built postcard from Australia. heliopod (at) gmail.com

 "Promiscuous Design"

Technology is a translation engine, it reforms, recreates the texts of our
surroundings into an infinite number of languages. These texts are more than
words or speech and instead include radio static, temperature, the frayed
edge of a sheet, the mumblings of a stranger.

Promiscuous Designs is a translation engine of itself, it takes poetry
derived from speech to text experiments and processes that poetry through
the different interfaces, and overlaying them within the words and
intertwined with the graphics. And rather than have an end, a linear
progression, the user becomes translator, creating their own poetics through
their interactions with the work. Explore and Play.


It is interesting that both artists - Nelson and Forest - are sending real
feedback for you!


At: http://www.arteonline.arq.br/museu/antrosocio.htm

Also  you will find the works of Giselle Beiguelman - Brazil, Minerva
Cuevas - Mexico, Stéhane Malisse  - Brazil and my own work "Reload Celeida
Tostes", a tribute for that  wonderful Brazilian artist, dead in 1995 -
there you will see digital clay ...


Regina Célia Pinto


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