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*Skinstrip.net - (Archive) back online...*

Skin/Strip Online was a collaboration between Completely Naked and 

The global digital community were invited to anonymously express their 
naked identity using visual images of their bodies. Individual net users 
participated in a collective, live event, confronting social and 
cultural representations of the body within the net community, by 
revealing and viewing their previously unknown corporeality via 
net-based technology.

Skin/Strip Online was commissioned as an online live artistic project 
for Shooting Live Artists, a partnership initiative between the Arts 
Council of England, BBC, Yorkshire Media Production Agency's Studio of 
the North (SON) and b.tv / The Culture Company, aiming to create a new 
axis of digital activity in Britain.

Skin/Strip Online was open for contributors between March and August 2003

During that time the website received 12585 visitors
Over 1500 people uploaded a total of 2800 images to the artwork of which 
400 were removed due to their overt sexual content disallowed under the 
conditions of the SLA commission.

check out the archive

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