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Stefan Immelmann-Winter s.immelmann-winter at soy.de
Wed May 25 12:47:09 CEST 2005

GREAT... Netbehaviour is alive again :)

(Excuse double postings)

Help to push up "net art communication" on Eyebeams Contagious Media Showdown Contest. (until June 9th.) 
Most of eyebeams contagious media contest http://showdown.contagiousmedia.org is crap. There are even a lot of websites that count without contend. Only a few Quicktime - Fun Projekts seem to count well. The current favorite is a website that promote quicktime movies on the theme: Crying while Eating... Of course they are linked by technorati and perhaps it´s not possible to beat this legacy effect. But why not try to compete :) and see if a project connected to "web - art" can gain some hits. 
Klick: http://i-memory.contagiousmedia.org 

If you like to join in and be presented on i-memory with your contagious media loop: send me your selected loop link and i´ll set up a dedicated page on i-memory for you :) If you like to play on the site please have a look at the FAQ (in developement) http://i-memory.contagiousmedia.org/mol/index.php?subject=FAQ 
We are taking words images (jpg, gif (ani!), png), flash, shockwave and quicktime movies. Please send a short contagious loop description with the URL to contagious.media at i-mem.net The works should consume low bandwith. 

Creative Commons License will be applied on the Site. 

NOTE: In Case of winning this contest (ok. ok. but dreams should be allowed :) 50% of the money will be reinvested in developement of i-memory and 50% will be shared to the creators of published contagious media loops. 

Best sim. 

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