[NetBehaviour] SMAL- It would be great to see some stuff coming into London

Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Thu May 26 02:39:56 CEST 2005

Hi All,

Many of the London-based Furtherfield team are variously involved with 
SMAL, Season of Media Arts in London.

The next meeting and invitation to present ideas is 6th June 7pm, at 
Chadwick Lecture Theatre, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1.
Then Mondays: 4th July, 1st August, 5th September.

It would be great to see some stuff coming into London for SMAL from 
elsewhere on the globe- down the copper, waving through space or in 
physical form. Though there is limited funding, other resources are 
available to help projects happen and get seen. If this sounds a bit 
ambiguous that's because it isn't totally clear how artists and 
projects from outside the UK can present their work or be presented.

Anyway.... read on..... see what you think.

: )


We are inviting you to present an idea for the Season of Media Arts in 
London, in March 2006.

SMAL is an open, participatory season that aims to showcase, support 
and stimulate Media Arts in London.
This will include work that employs electronic, digital and networked 
technologies in concept, production, exhibition, distribution or 
performance, whether audiovisual, computerised, or telematic. SMAL aims 
to be city-wide, every borough, bridge, bus, tube, tower block, shop, 
winding alley, waterway, warehouse, outhouse, townhouse, institution, 
car park, common land and pigeon-filled square...help us locate media 
art in London, and put yourself on that map too!
SMAL's regular public meetings also act as a hub for developing 
critical and networked activity

Once a month, we are holding informal gatherings where up to 6 ideas 
will be presented in 15 minute slots. These gatherings are an 
opportunity to:

- Show your work and get feedback.
- Collaborate.
- Share resources.

Let us know what you want to present and which of the following dates 
would prefer by emailing smal at dodgeit.com.

Mondays: 6th June, 4th July, 1st August, 5th September.

The next meeting is on 6th June 7pm, at Chadwick Lecture Theatre, UCL,
Gower Street, WC1.

How to Get Involved :
- As a Subcriber: tell us about something you want to do in March as 
part  of SMAL, then come and talk about what you need to make it 
- As an Organiser: the fun bit; get involved in consensus decision 
making, communication and facilitation of the Season through monthly 
meetings and online collaboration.

more info and registration of interest : http://smal.omweb.org/

Please send this invitation out to your own networks and beyond.
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