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    NET ART OFFICIALLY DEAD! <http://post.thing.net/node/233>

Submitted by murphy on Mon, 2005-05-23 17:47. arts 


Mark Tribe has called it in the press release for inSite_05 

    Although artists continue to work online in ever greater numbers,
    *net art as a movement is now over*. But to say that the net is just
    another medium along with video, painting, installation, etc. would
    be misleading. The net is both a medium and a platform, a set of
    tools for art-making and a distribution channel for reaching people.
    The net can still enable artists to reach a global audience without
    the assistance of art world institutions. Equally important, it can
    enable artists to reach audiences that never set foot in a gallery,
    museum or performance space. M.T. (* title from 'Tijuana for
    Dummies' by Hiperboreal)"

    linked from Net Art Review...

    As a movement - I feel it is just begining another phase...


> marc wrote:
>> *On Net art Review,*
>> I noticed this short statement below
>> Tuesday, May 24, 2005 ::
>> So, *Net Art is dead* according to Mark Tribe, as published in the 
>> InSite 05 press release.
>> http://netartreview.net/
>> I would like to know what others think about this statement by Mark 
>> Tribe.
>> marc
> i'm not sure it's a statement, may be it's a rumor ;-)
> I didn't find the word 'dead' neither in the curatorial statement from 
> MT:
> http://www.insite05.org/internal.php?pid=15-358-6
> nor in the press release:
> http://www.insite05.org/pdf/press_4_28_05.pdf
> where is exactly this statement ?
> +
> yann / ARN
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