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Fri May 27 13:06:10 CEST 2005

Hi Geert, ARN, Eduardo & all,

same here - but I suppose, the fact that we are all getting on with it 
kind of kills such a 'top down notion', whether it is a real statement 
of not...

I'm now thinking that Mark Tribe probably said something similar but not 
those actual words. Or someone else re-interpreted his words from a 
conference/discussion/forum, I will dive back into thing quagmire (if i 
can be bothered) and gather such related info.

If it is true that he actually expounded such words (which it might not 
be), then one has to look between the lines and ask why is he saying 
such a thing? Because such a behaviour is a very traditional statement 
to declare to the contemorary creative world and quite a 20th century 
action - a very trad 'art school' thing to do, a clich'e in fact. And 
very much copying the manner of a politician who has just begun a new 
career, making his past his own, a kind of imposed linear - like 
'historicism', closing the gates behind him at the same time. He also 
might be refering to 'net.art' - not 'net art'.

Also, I must mention that we at furtherfield have plenty of net art that 
is piling up for reviews, which kind of contradicts such a 'tarring of 
the brush' statement - so perhaps he did not say it.

Even though at my end of the universe, in colleges that I teach in here 
in the UK, there are plenty of students learning net art and excited by 
its chaotic histories and discoveries, and potnetial for themselves 
within such an arena. Which I think is brilliant, because they will be 
creating such art works now and in the future. This actually might be a 
more local issue as far as Mark Tribe is concerned and other American 
Net Artists, or the lack of them - it may have a lot to do with 
America's lack of funding for artists, any artist that is - whether they 
explore net art or not.

Currently in the UK funding is less harder to get hold of regarding say 
'media arts'. as long as you place 'new' in the pre-fix. Some people 
complain about having to put 'new' in their application forms, but at 
least there is funding out there - yes, some people miss out and don't 
get it when they deserve it, but others do get it.  Also, the UK is 
'unofficially' part of Europe, which also helps with the dynamics of things.

Also, net art has of course influenced many types of contemporary art 
and forms of activism now, so it is importnat not to forget that. For 
instance, many net artists are making much of their work on the streets, 
via networks & wireless - yet still making net art as well. I know this 
because we are working with various people right now on such projects...

So, may be there is a little white lie simmering somewhere, or a mistake 
regarding context with what Mark said...

it is possible.


> I seem to remember a similar thread over at rhizome --- anyone???
> Geert
> http://nznl.com
> On 26-mei-05, at 19:18, marc wrote:
>     HI ARN,
>     Submitted by murphy on Mon, 2005-05-23 17:47. arts
>     Mark Tribe has called it in the press release for inSite_05:
>         Although artists continue to work online in ever greater
>         numbers, *net art as a movement is now over*. But to say that
>         the net is just another medium along with video, painting,
>         installation, etc. would be misleading. The net is both a
>         medium and a platform, a set of tools for art-making and a
>         distribution channel for reaching people. The net can still
>         enable artists to reach a global audience without the
>         assistance of art world institutions. Equally important, it
>         can enable artists to reach audiences that never set foot in a
>         gallery, museum or performance space. M.T. (* title from
>         ‘Tijuana for Dummies’ by Hiperboreal)"
>         linked from Net Art Review...
>         As a movement - I feel it is just begining another phase...
>         marc
>         marc wrote:
>             *On Net art Review,*
>             I noticed this short statement below
>             Tuesday, May 24, 2005 ::
>             So, *Net Art is dead* according to Mark Tribe, as
>             published in the InSite 05 press release.
>             http://netartreview.net/
>             I would like to know what others think about this
>             statement by Mark Tribe.
>             marc
>         I didn't find the word 'dead' neither in the curatorial
>         statement from MT:
>         http://www.insite05.org/internal.php?pid=15-358-6
>         nor in the press release:
>         http://www.insite05.org/pdf/press_4_28_05.pdf
>         where is exactly this statement ?
>         +
>         yann / ARN
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