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leon leon at c6.org
Sat May 28 02:23:19 CEST 2005

Ah ha
Yes...firefox wont load the shonky script hell that was created for internet
explorer 5

Looks a lot more fun in ie!!!

Probably need a browser detector if it detects firefox will bump to traffic
to whatever we come up with?


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Hi Leon,

Another ascii mutualist diving into the collaborative mix.

cool - just been exploring your site, enjoying much of the content. Good 
ascii stuff as well...

on this page:
http://www.c6.org/archive/cracks/page5.htm - is it meant to be blank, or 
have I just got up too early and missed the point? I might be my browser 
though 'Firefox', and the fact that I'm on Linux as well...


Netbehaviour Ascii Artists so far...

Ivan López
Leon (need second name if there is one)
Marc Garrett
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