[NetBehaviour] Intel, slyly forcing DRM on the PC world.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat May 28 13:02:10 CEST 2005

*Intel, slyly forcing DRM on the PC world.*

If recent news from the UK is correct, then Intel are trying to quietly 
slip hardware DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology onto their 
users. Why is that bad? You ask. Well, DRM can mean handing control of 
your rights over to record or movie companies. They will be the ones 
that get to force what they consider to be fair use" onto users. 
Apparently Intel is not talking details, they have admitted that the DRM 
technology is in there, they just are not telling us what it does or 
how. I'd imagine the reason for that is out of fear of the same sort of 
public outrage that happened when Intel introduced the retrievable CPU 
unique serial number some years back. It is suspected that the next 
version of Windows will contain DRM features throughout, tied to 
hardware where possible.

If PC and software makers are going to continue to dictate what I can 
and cannot do with my own PC, then I'm going to buy the fastest dual 
core AMD chip I can find that has not yet had any DRM features added and 
build a system running a nice clean DRM free copy of Linux and leave it 
at that...


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