[NetBehaviour] D/t\P disturb.the.peace[angry women]

Jess Loseby jess at rssgallery.com
Tue Nov 1 22:25:53 CET 2005

D/t\P disturb.the.peace[angry women]

So far, 30 women will be adding work to the project over the next few months. The first 9 
works are now up at http://www.d-t-p.tv. 

This project has no deadlines, all formats are welcome and is open for submission. 
Please send your ideas, work or urls to  jess at rssgallery.com or jess at d-t-p.tv

Links or files to older "angry women" artworks, sounds, writings or performances (that 
have not been specifically created for the project) are also welcome.

For more information and/or submission details please see

jess loseby

D/t\P disturb.the.peace[angry women] requires Flash 7 plug and pop-ups enabled. 
Some works on the site may require additional plug-ins (such as Quicktime) or sound in 
order to be viewed/heard.


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