[NetBehaviour] Walk/Shuffle by Emmet Connolly

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Nov 2 13:24:43 CET 2005

Walk/Shuffle by Emmet Connolly

"Walk/Shuffle investigates a method of reappropriating technology to 
realign the experience of the journey in an urban environment, and 
reinterpret the space occupied between cartesian points as a series of 
spatial events.

The urban traveler is too often concerned only with destination, 
treating the journey itself as secondary. I concentrate on the personal 
stereo (in particular the ubiquitous and culturally iconic iPod) as 
something that is increasingly used to block out the experiential nature 
of traveling through an urban space - in the street, on the subway, etc. 
Technology is used to recede further from experience. Familiar playlists 
are used to gain a sense of control in the potentially hostile space of 
the city, and a comfortable distance is achieved. Yet by receding into 
the private world afforded by headphones and habitual music, much that 
the visceral city has to offer is lost, and the space between source and 
destination goes largely unnoticed.


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