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Wed Nov 2 20:55:50 CET 2005

>Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 08:52:41 -0800 (PST)
>From: Sidebrow Editors <sidebrow at sidebrow.net>
>Subject: Sidebrow: Update & Call for Submissions
>To: sidebrow at sidebrow.net
>Sidebrow (www.sidebrow.net) — an online & print
>journal dedicated to innovation & collaboration —
>seeks fiction, poetry, art, essay, ephemera, found
>text, & academia for its inaugural issue, as well as
>creative response to current posts and ongoing
>The first month of Sidebrow finds resonance among
>pieces by Jason Snyder & Chris Tysh; collaboration
>between Brett Evans & Chris Stroffolino; the
>inauguration of the Letters Project
>(www.sidebrow.net/2006/epistolary.html) under the
>guise of epistolary fiction from John Cleary & the
>poetry of Ed Skoog; as well as dub fiction from
>Lawrence Braithwaite & code poetry by Mez Breeze.
>Forthcoming will be caged narratives by Greg Mulcahy &
>Derek White, as kicked off by Ed Skoog's paean to "The
>World-Famous Topeka Zoo."
>As an online journal evolving toward print, Sidebrow
>provides a forum for exploring the collective & the
>singular in the literary arts. By taking an open-ended
>approach to its construction, Sidebrow expands on the
>traditional literary journal model, showcasing
>communally derived literary pieces alongside
>individual works.
>Sidebrow evaluates submissions both as stand-alone set
>pieces & as points of departure for collaboration with
>editors & fellow contributors. Writers whose
>submissions resonate with other pieces under
>evaluation will be contacted to participate in
>communal constructions based on their work. To open
>the assembly of each issue of Sidebrow, editors will
>post pieces periodically in hopes of stirring creative
>response. Submissions that re-imagine, depart from, or
>explore the interstices between posted pieces are
>highly encouraged. As a way of stimulating such
>submissions, editors will annotate potential fodder
>for response (www.sidebrow.net/2006/fodder.html) for
>most posted pieces.
>Given its desire to unlock what is common to disparate
>literary, artistic, & cultural pursuits, Sidebrow
>encourages the submission of both partial excerpts and
>fully formed works.

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