[NetBehaviour] Kinetic art pioneer: Nicolas Schöffer.

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Fri Nov 4 11:23:14 CET 2005

*Kinetic art pioneer: Nicolas Schöffer.*

Much like generative art, kinetic and cybernetic art suffer from being 
broadly defined. As historical movements, they encompass Op Art artists 
like Vasarely, video artists like Nam June Paik and sculptors like 
Calder. As art forms they are steeped in the utopian ideas of the 60s, 
and so often considered to be passé manifestations of Modernist thought.

But the basic drive behind the work sounds familiar: To create images 
and sculptures that change and move, rather than remain static objects. 
Norbert Wiener’s theories about cybernetic systems and feedback loops 
also strongly influenced the kinetic art scene, resulting in reactive 
sculptures that must be considered early interactive art.

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