[NetBehaviour] *Bits*Atoms*Neurons*Genes* (b*a*n*g lab)

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Sun Nov 6 02:31:30 CET 2005

*Bits*Atoms*Neurons*Genes* (b*a*n*g lab)


b*a*n*g lab is an On/Off line space at CAL IT2 (calit2.net) for MFA artists
in the Visual Arts Department at UCSD to explore and present works at the
edge of invisibility, at the edge of the digital and the biological, at the
edge of micro-robotics and nano-art, from in-virtu to in-vivo works and

The On-line component of b*a*n*g lab will be initiated on October 28th,2005.

The b*a*n*g lab space at CAL IT2 will be initiated on January 31st,2006.

Principle Scientist:
Dr. Ricardo Dominguez

Research Group:
Dr. Davina Semo
Dr. Tristen Shone
Dr. Caleb Waldorf

Associated Research and Development Groups:
Department of Ecological Authoring Tactics, Inc (DoEAT) Toro Lab (Tijuana,

For More Information about b*a*n*g lab please contact:

Ricardo R. Dominguez
Assistant Professor
CAL (IT) 2
Visual Arts Department
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive (0503)
La Jolla, California 92093
E-mail: rrdominguez at ucsd.edu

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