[NetBehaviour] diy survival

leon leon at c6.org
Sun Nov 6 14:46:12 CET 2005

I realize that it is not usual to hawk ones wares around lists, however
The call went out in this list and the submissions were from this list among
others. It seems only fitting that the list should know the details of how
to obtain a copy.


Available now for £4.99 plus postage from the above link, payment by Pay

Do it your self survival is a collection of essays, tips and case studies
collated from an online call for participation by C6 (probably from your
very list).The eclectic mix presented within these pages shows the breadth
and current diversity of art/activism practice today from around the world.

Whether that is creating wireless networks, pissing on national monuments or
building cardboard friends, it is certain that these submissions show that
practitioners are taking their work to new spaces and audiences, redefining,
through the engagement with the community, what we have considered to be

This 108 page book has been printed using Openmutes Print on Demand system
through lightning source, https://www.lightningsource.com/

Contributions from:

C6,Marcus Verhagen, Youngsook Choi, Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, Gabor Papp &
Ricardo Contreras, Hernani Dimantas, Amanda Janis, Ruth Catlow, HACKLAB_pg,
Tsila Hassine, Leonardo Ramos, slavina feat ctrl C + ctrl V, The vacuum
cleaner, S.Albert,Blueloop, chris Lin, The Institute for Infinitely Small
Things, Gillian McIver, Eric Doeringer, Motherboard, Drew Hemment, John
Evans, Mika Raento, Theo Humphries, Nathan Dunne, Robert Praxmarer, Si
Vinnie, Anna Banana,Ryan Griffis, Bravenewbrum.

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