[NetBehaviour] The Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture.

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Sun Nov 6 16:38:15 CET 2005

*The Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture.*

September - December 2005, Utrecht
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Hidden in the former utility area of a vacant 13 floor office in 
Utrecht, the "Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture" will evolve an 
empty room from nothingness into unknown states of technological 
enhancement. Unlike the alphabet that always knows where it is going, 
this workshop does not.

*A Room of a Crystalpunk's Own*

The Headmap manifesto, the Coleridgian masterpiece of independent 
software development for spaces and places, observed: "Every room has an 
accessible history, every place has emotional attachments you can open 
and save". New technologies can associate places with layers of free and 
editable content from which the past can be re-enacted, like a murder at 
the scene of the crime is re-enacted, to re-experience and stir vanished 
memories. Little minds living in software can eat any piece of data, 
extract meaning from it and email it to you when the right criteria has 
been met. Our Crystalpunk Manifesto famously drew connections between 
disconnected fields of knowledge and explained to the world our 
intention to program minds and matter simultaneously. This workshop 
marshals these manifestos of inspiration into real practises with scars 
of happy absurdi(r)ty engraved on their souls.

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