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*Navigator: DJ Science - D'Groove*

D'Groove (Digital Groove) is the world's first digital haptic force 
feedback turntable system. It controls the playback rate and position of 
digital music (MP3's, WAVs, CDs, etc) using a physical turntable 
controller that plugs into a computer. It also uses "haptic" force 
feedback to provide information about the music to the DJ through the 
sense of touch.

D'Groove was designed and created by Timothy for his Master's Degree at 
the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.
The Components

D'Groove consists of 3 physical components that work with specially 
designed software to control the playback of music.

The turntable platter is the focal point of the interface. It operates 
much like a conventional turntable, rotating to produce playback in the 
music. The lines on the platter facilitate a unique visual beat matching 
aid described in the feature section below. Each revolution plays back 
exactly one bar of music (or 4 beats).
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