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Catch us if you can!


until  November 13, 2005 (VICTORIA, Australia)

KISSS Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression

Works by ambientTV.NET are being included in this touring exhibition. Responding to political, social and personal issues around surveillance and suppression, KISSS incorporates the individual and collaborative practices of artists, writers and curators.

KISSS includes Anne Bean, Camilla Brueton, Season Butler, Joanna Callaghan, Daedalus, Dolores Sanchez Calvo, Alexandra Dementieva, Deej Fabyc, fourchette, Gilbert & Grape, Coco Fusco, Maxine Hall, Calum F.Kerr, Maria Kheirkhah, Tracey Moberly, Paula Moss, Suzana Rezende, Eva Rudlinger, paula roush, Nina Sobell, Isa Suarez, Hannah Terry, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, ambientTV.NET, Reinhard Krehl, Silke Steets & Jan Wenzel, Psychological Art Circus, The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination and The Vacuum Cleaner. 

KISSS is brought to Conical Gallery by London based Australian artists Joanna Callaghan and Deej Fabyc and co-curated with paula roush and Camilla Brueton. 
Conical Gallery Upstairs 3 Rochester St Fitzroy, Victoria Australia 3065 Hrs: Thur & Fri 12pm-5.30pm Sat & Sun 12pm-5pm T: 03 9415 6958


November 21 (CANNES, France)


Music for dance by Mukul for Russell Maliphant's new quintet. 'Transmission', premiered in Cannes at...

-> RUSSELL MALIPHANT http://www.rmcompany.co.uk/


November 22-23 (ROME, Italy) 

IV Edition of the International Seminar, "An overlook on ethnic minorities of Inland South-east Asia"

Università degli Studi di Roma ?La Sapienza?, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia
contact: seminariominoranze at uniroma1.it 

Manu Luksch will be present to introduce VIRTUAL BORDERS, the documentary film with and about the Akha people. You can snap up a copy of the DVD,  newly released in eight languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Slovak and Thai subtitles, and voice-over in Akha and Hindi.

-> BUY DVD ONLINE http://www.ambienttv.net/content/?q=vb


November 25-27 (SWANSEA, Wales)

BEYONDTV International Video Festival

You will surely find Manu & Mukul at BEYONDTV's first ever Media Activist Awards >MISTY< - what fabulous awards categories: Best animator, Best use of a cream pie, Best DIY video distribution, Best use of a naked body, Best local activist, Best cinema, Best use of recycled paper, Best political musician, Best new video activist group, Best use of surveilance cameras, Best local history video, Best animal rights activist, Best subverter, Best use of a video letter and Best interview...

-> BEYONDTV  http://www.undercurrents.org/beyondtv/




The installation piece will be shown next in Bratislava, Slovakia. 
If you'd like to see some of the courageous razor-harpists in action, watch the video documentary by Tina Hage at 

-> http://relay.exequo.org/ambienttv/?i=794

-> http://www.ambienttv.net/5/ooa

Mukul in Nepal at South Asia's biggest Street Party

-> festival website http://www.partynepal.com/projectpeace2005.html
-> review http://kantipuronline.com/kolnews.php?&nid=55876
-> workshop http://www.partynepal.com/djworkshoppics.html


responsible for the new face of ambientTV.NET:
kertal (design and programming)

-> http://www.mikaella.org/kertal

For updates on events of ambient flavor, please visit our online calendar 

-> http://www.ambienttv.net/content/?q=calendar

contact: info at ambientTV.NET


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