[NetBehaviour] Doc Hambone's Guide to the Insane and Enlightened.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Nov 13 14:13:52 CET 2005

Doc Hambone's Guide to the Insane and Enlightened.

Hundreds of addresses and links to alternative and fringe media.
Please Remember: inclusion in this guide does not constitute acceptance 
or agreement by yours truly. Entries here cross the spectrum of the 
extremes of human belief. Those that get offended at the mere mention of 
hate-mongering Nazi's or godless Communists should stay clear.
For the rest of you, invariably someone will be upset by my editorial 
comments. Granted, they are extremely subjective and biased. I suggest 
that you follow these sources and come to your own conclusions.

Notes on sources: I started my own research into fringe beliefs and 
organizations in the summer of 1994, starting with High Weirdness by 
Mail by Doug Smith of the now-defunct Church of Mail-Fraud, so some of 
the entries may be familiar. That text is long out of date, but the 
entries here are accurate as of (at the earliest) 1994.

Other networking sources are included in the Culture section below. I 
heartily encourage readers to send URLs, addresses, or samples to the 
address below. This guide is an on-going work in progress, so check back 


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