[NetBehaviour] sque and squee

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 14 07:43:26 CET 2005

sque and squee

1 download sque.mov.
2 download squee.mov.
3 open file sque.mov in quicktime.
4 open file squee.mov in quicktime.
5 place the frames adjacent, i.e. [ | ]. this may also be written [ ][ ].
   understand there is no gap between frame sque.mov and frame squee.mov.
6 play both files simultaneously. the sound should be set mid-level.

sque.mov is 1/3 of squee.mov i believe. therefore three times faster.
with suitable displacement buildings come together, part, slide from one
frame to another, are windshield-wiped at integrally fractional rates of
speed. soon you will understand buildings as things and have fun.

i must add that i am rather embarrassed at the establishment of this game,
so necessary to understand our perception. and i do not feel you will in
fact carry this out. if you have already downloaded squee.mov yesterday,
downloading sque.mov will be no great trial; it is in fact considerably

the representations of buildings may appear to breathe in this fashion.
it is far too commonplace to insist that images are mediations, instead
of, in fact, participants in a depth-ontology of the world.

this symphony of doubles will play for you chicago.

perhaps you can imagine the results if this doubling-play which can place
sque to the left or right of squee with different but similar results, or
results which participate in the same economy of perception. this
imagining is your experience; it has nothing to do, in fact, with either
sque or squee.

the double frames should run until a state of calm or nervousness is
produced within the psyche of the viewer. this is the birth of color and
is most likely the birth of sound.

i have played sque and squee delightedly for many hours as a great city of
the world swings and glows into life.


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