[NetBehaviour] Internet Service to Put Classic TV on Home Computer

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Nov 15 17:26:38 CET 2005

To me, this is not good news at all...

It is yet another zombification of the net, another form of legalized 
spam- with the aim of advertising more banal, products.

We do not need any more films - we can get them already on dvd, or from 
bit torrent, on our own terms without the advertsiing. Or on digital 
channels with advertising.

I'd rather see net art films that are featured by real (non coporate 
driven) people, like on DVblog.org anytime...


>good news
>- - -
>Internet Service to Put Classic TV on Home Computer
>Looking for "The Fugitive?" Didn't get enough "Eight Is Enough?" Would
>you like to "Welcome Back, Kotter" one more time?
>Warner Brothers is preparing a major new Internet service that will
>let fans watch full episodes from more than 100 old television series.
>The service, called In2TV, will be free, supported by advertising, and
>will start early next year. More than 4,800 episodes will be made
>available online in the first year.
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