[NetBehaviour] Internet Service to Put Classic TV on Home Computer

clemos cl3mos at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 17:43:58 CET 2005

actually my "good news" comment was rather quickly written and the
whole message sent faster than I wanted ... (understand: I'm stupid,
but not the way you were expecting)

yet, I dont really believe in "zombification" by advertisement; I do
believe that the more you are flooded by ads, the more you simply
learn to ignore them. (the problem with spam-mail is a bit different :
bandwidth, storage, and time loss ...)
maybe it's a bit naive, but anyway, I prefer to get something freely
and legally, even with a bit of ads (ex: google, tv channels, porn
websites ;) ).

"real" people are nice to choose the free/no ads way, but I would
obviously not blame those people if they try to earn their life with
their work the way they choose to, through corporate ads or something

On 11/15/05, marc <marc.garrett at furtherfield.org> wrote:
> To me, this is not good news at all...
> It is yet another zombification of the net, another form of legalized
> spam- with the aim of advertising more banal, products.
> We do not need any more films - we can get them already on dvd, or from
> bit torrent, on our own terms without the advertsiing. Or on digital
> channels with advertising.
> I'd rather see net art films that are featured by real (non coporate
> driven) people, like on DVblog.org anytime...
> marc
> >good news
> >- - -
> >Internet Service to Put Classic TV on Home Computer
> >
> >Looking for "The Fugitive?" Didn't get enough "Eight Is Enough?" Would
> >you like to "Welcome Back, Kotter" one more time?
> >
> >Warner Brothers is preparing a major new Internet service that will
> >let fans watch full episodes from more than 100 old television series.
> >The service, called In2TV, will be free, supported by advertising, and
> >will start early next year. More than 4,800 episodes will be made
> >available online in the first year.
> >
> >http://www.nytimes.com/2005/11/14/business/14warner.html
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