[NetBehaviour] Concern About "Food that Glows"

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Nov 17 01:11:10 CET 2005

Food Authority Allays Consumer Concern About "Food that Glows"

The NSW Food Authority today moved to reassure consumers about the 
safety of their food following a number of media reports about "glowing 
pork chops".

NSW Food Authority Directory-General George Davey reassured consumers 
that the micro-organism responsible, Pseudomonas fluorescens was harmless.

“The Food Authority understands that many people would be alarmed to 
discover their food glowing in the fridge, but we can assure NSW 
consumers that the bacteria responsible is totally harmless if 
consumed,” Mr Davey said.

“Pseudomonas fluorescens is normally present on meat and seafood at low 
levels and proper cooking kills it.

“And while most of us would understandably be shocked to see our food 
glowing, it is important to remember that the micro-organism responsible 
for the glow is not known to cause food poisoning.


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