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Dear all,
Digital Mapping day – exploring the Greenwich Peninsula
Independent Photography are running a free Digital Mapping Event to  
promote their involvement in “node.london”, the London wide festival of  
media arts planned for March 2006 (http://nodel.org).  Independent  
Photography is a seed node ‘host’ organisation for the festival and is  
keen to here from local media artists, projects or organisations that  
might like to take part in the festival.
The Digital Mapping event is at Independent Photography’s studio on  
Mauritius Road on Saturday 26th November between 1pm and 4pm.
It is an afternoon of free arts workshops for everyone to come and play  
with new technologies and to explore the Greenwich Peninsula.
The afternoon begins at 1pm with three short presentations:
Christian  Nold - Mapping our emotional relationship with our  
surroundings (www.biomapping.net)
Peter  Chauncy- Participatory photographic mapping of the Peninsula
Steve Coast - Online maps of London free for anyone to use  
These will be followed by free creative workshops for everyone to take  
  Grab a device, go for a walk, take photos and create maps.
What do you see and how you feel about the Greenwich Peninsula?
Refreshments will be provided.
The digital mapping event is a chance for anyone who either lives in or  
is interested in the area of the Greenwich Peninsula to come and see  
how new technologies can be used to explore and share information about  
the area.
Flyer for printing attached. Please display or distribute. Thanks!
Digital Mapping contact details:
Andy Robinson,  Project Co-ordinator – Peninsula  
Independent Photography, Rothbury Hall, Azof Street, London SE10 OEF.
Tel. 020 8858 2825                     
Email. andy at independentphotography.org.uk   
Web. www.independentphotography.org.uk
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