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Sat Nov 26 04:32:17 CET 2005

Hi Joseph,

Might link up with this call...looks like the international paper call is 

Subject: [artinfo] 'Local news' - call for participation

> 'Local News' - Invitation
> I would like to invite you to take part in an exhibition of 'Local News'. 
> I
> am attempting to collect items of 'local' news from across Europe (and
> beyond).
> Living in a small rural town on the south western tip of a small(ish)
> island off the western coast of the European continent, it is sometimes
> easy to lose perspective on the broader picture of current affairs, and to
> get caught up in issues of the immediate surroundings and their personal
> effects. The same can be said of any location.
> The term 'local' is always problematic: where do you draw the boundaries
> between local/ regional/ national/ international/ global? - And in what
> terms do you define it - geographically? culturally? politically?
> In 'Local News' I would like to look at the meaning of 'local' on a
> personal scale of individual experience, the running of our day-to-day
> lives and the effects of events, directly or indirectly, on ourselves and
> our surrouindings. Here the boundaries blurr: global may become local, and
> vice versa.
> My attempt is to bring together  the personally selected events of a day
> from various 'localities' across the globe.
> TO CONTRIBUTE to this project please follow these instructions:
> * ON SUNDAY 27TH NOVEMBER (this coming sunday) buy a local newspaper,
> select an article which effects you (directly or indirectly), cut it out
> and send it to me together with a comment ,in English, on why you chose it
> and how it effects you and/or your 'locality'
> Your newspaper clippings and comments will be exhibited  at Gallery One-C
> in South Brent, Devon, UK., on 10th December 2005.
> Please send your clippings and comments to me a.s.a.p after 27th November
> (to allow for Christmas post delays) to:
> Natalie Waldbaum
> 'Local News'
> Postgraduate Centre
> Dartington College of Arts
> Totnes
> Devon TQ9 6EJ
> England
> Thank you for your contribution.
> Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who might be interested in
> contributing.
> Natalie

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