[NetBehaviour] wallltz

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 26 10:22:15 CET 2005

(apologies for these cross-postings; i try to keep them down on this list, 
but this below might be of interest - alan)


bored with 2^a/2^b time, momentary turning towards waltz!
waltz? complex because so much rushes with that accented beat!
there's not much time to complete anything after it!
the swaying goes against the 2/2 of arms/legs for example!
there are no 3^a with bilateral symmetry!
any code can be re/produced by the binary!
binary groupings tend towards singing! even teental! yes even teental!
lumbering back and forth, swaying back and forth, retarding and catching
up hither and yon, moving and lumbering and changing those feet and those hands 
and those arms and those legs - everything gets its turn!
more simple than simple yet more complicated because compact!
just those two lagging beats, and that accent, tends towards heaviness!
the oom-pahpah! attacking the binary! problems with the digital!
zeroes ones and twos, ones twos and threes, twos threes and fours!
here here! there there!
as usual parlor guitar (with echo, slight noise reduction on takeeleven)

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