[NetBehaviour] Examples Please: - human uses of cooperation-enhancing network technology

Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Sat Nov 26 14:26:47 CET 2005

Of course utilitarian efforts have to be credited.

Been thinking about sustainability of digital creative communities like 
our own and I found these bits of reflection on the cnt.org site 
suggest possible pointers even though here they refer to physical, 
urban space.

- Urban regions are rich in tangible assets that are typically "hidden" 
or undervalued.
- Undervaluing urban assets leads to poor public policy, including 
urban sprawl.
- Urban areas already have most of the networks needed for action.
- The potential of urban regions requires new civic learning processes.
- Urban regions need stronger, more inclusive coalitions.
- Citizen action requires indicators of effectiveness.

interesting though ...
the site does not seem to concern itself too much with opportunities 
for self-representation by community members or with mapping their 
interactions or communications with each other.

Here at furtherfield we have been involved for a long while now in the 
(voluntary) organisation of NODE.L, a distributed season of media arts 
in London for March 2006. I think that it's safe to say that this 
consensually run project has adopted a 'radical transparency', (see 
http://smal.omweb.org/ ) in its organisation and communication, using 
wiki's forums and open meetings. It has been bracing process to say the 
least.  Marc and I will be writing something about the emergent process 
soon. But I think that this probably falls into the category of  'human 
uses of cooperation-enhancing network technology'.


i think there are also some utilitarian efforts that are counter to 
capital that could go here. like:
a Chicago-based org with quite a few projects.

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