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DiY survival is a compilation of cutting edge strategies, and techniques,
that deliver a wide range of practices, actions, and issues concerning DiY
art, media subversion and the sabotage of cultural markets. 


Meet contributors to the book at Blue stockings on the 10th of December at


Bluestockings is located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 172 Allen
Street between Stanton and Rivington - which means that we are 1 block south
of Houston and 1st Avenue.


Presentations by:


Leon www.C6.org <http://www.c6.org/>  an introduction to the book.

C6 create subversive participatory art in multiple arenas, linking the
street, web & gallery by using various systems and channels. C6 a brand of
Interactive Conceptual Marketing.


Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga www.ambriente.com


In his art work, themes from urbanization and immigration are investigated
through the lens of economics. These realities formulate not only the world
we live in, but also more importantly the lives we lead.


Eric Doeringer   www.ericdoeringer.com


Much of the art of Eric Doeringer has to do with subverting the traditional
role of the artwork.  He has tattooed copies of his moles onto other
people’s bodies and Bootlegs modern masters. His work forces a constant
reevaluation of authenticity.


Kanarinka & Pirun from The Institute of Infinitely Small Things


The only way to fundamentally alter our world is via the discovery and
creation of infinitely small things. Before radical shifts there are
infinitely small things that have led to miniature reconsiderations. 

The Institute document and create on this micropath to revolution.


DiY SURVIVAL (There is no Subculture, only Subversion)


A little about the book,


Ever wanted to stop the mobile phone conversations beside you? Set up your
own TV station? Or fund your art without institutional aid? Now you have the


DiY SURVIVAL delivers a mix of Theory, documentary and practical info, in
order to disseminate practical knowledge and promote collective




-The Bluestockings Collective


Mission Statement

Bluestockings is a radical bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center
in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Through words, art, food, activism,
education, and community, we strive to create a space that welcomes and
empowers all people. We actively support movements that challenge hierarchy
and all systems of oppression, including but not limited to patriarchy,
heterosexism, the gender binary, white supremacy and classism, within
society as well as our own movements. We seek to make our space and
resources available to such movements for meetings, events, and research.
Additionally, we offer educational programming that promotes centered,
strategic, and visionary thinking, towards the realization of a society that
is infinitely creative, truly democratic, equitable, ecological, and free.


www.bluestockings.com <http://www.bluestockings.com/> 




By train: F train to 2nd Ave, exit at the 1st Ave, and walk one block south.


By car: If you take the Houston exit off of the FDR, then turn left onto
Essex (aka Avenue A), then right on Rivington, and finally right on Allen,
you will be very, very close.


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