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Mon Oct 3 13:21:52 CEST 2005

The Cultural season took off and we have impressions of some museum exhibitions or events in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Moscow, Hasselt and Amsterdam. We have: - 'Russian POP ART part II, Moscow, - MONOPOLIS-Antwerp Witte de With, Rotterdam (NL) , ANGELS OF HISTORY, MUHKA, Antwerp. SUPER! Hasselt and the biggest underground festival ROBODOCK. Which was held in Amsterdam from 21-24.09.

- DiVA opens this thursday 6th October in Paris and we will be there. On Friday you can watch how, who and what of the opening. DiVA is the first art fair dedicated to video and digital art. Since the invention of photography, nothing has had a greater impact on artistic practice than the emergence of the personal video camera, and later, digital technology.

- About the new video art. This week we present the video Modern Living/Neurotica by Han Hoogerbrugge. The first incarnation of Han Hoogerbugge's Neurotica was as a comic strip cataloguing the adventures and misadventures of his life as an artist in the mid-1990s. Hoogerbrugge then adapted it for a series of digital animations that he posted on his personal website.First he developed them as Gif animated shorts and then introduced interactivity with Flash software.

Happy Holidays by Jessica Gomula (USA).
What happens when Santa Claus and Dr. Ruth bring people holiday presents to enjoy during their playtime together? Growing out of the abundance of sexual aides available on the internet, Happy Holidays adds the delight and joy often associated with Christmas time gift giving.  What better way to give and receive?

Beware of the god by Deborah Kelly (AU). An animation, which will be shown on 42 projection screens in the underground rail network across Sydney city

Beware of the God is part of the exhibition Interesting Times, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 22 September – 27 November 2005.

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