[NetBehaviour] 2 real things

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Oct 8 07:13:35 CEST 2005

2 real things

flaccus, thomas ward, wrote this book, published 1842, anonymous. the
signature is signed by the author "the author" -

http://www.asondheim.org/ - scroll down the directory to the four
'flaccus' images -

how to authenticate? how not to? if it were signed flaccus or thomas ward,
would there be any greater guarantee? a signature is always on the
periphery - where authenticity exists (see adorno on the same) -

i included a poem i like. flaccus was attacked somewhat but not entirely
rightfully by edgar allan poe:

(but then what is 'rightfully'?)

i was incredibly lucky to find the book, which appears to include the
author's own corrections. (i couldn't find an online copy at all.)

who else would write a poem about throwing up at sea?


two nights ago there was a huge water main break in front of our house,
flooding the whole area of flatbush avenue, dean street, a bit of pacific,
etc. i videotaped at 3 a.m. i was going to make a 'piece' out of it, but
was fascinated by the water literally pushing up through cracks and
manhole covers in the street. here it is sped up 300 per cent:


art imitates nature - industry imitates art - decay imitates industry -
breakage imitates decay - flood imitates breakage - nature imitates flood


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