[NetBehaviour] Re: [imitationpoetics] Wurk 1 in the _W[n]e[t]b.Wurks_ Series

_dream.thick[ener]_ netwurker at hotkey.net.au
Sun Oct 9 23:18:27 CEST 2005

At 12:06 AM 10/10/2005, Alan Sondheim wrote:
>Imitation Poetics
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>This is absolutely wonderful; an embodied Charles Peirce comes to mind, 
>the simulacrum of a fundamental logic in the world. The linguistic 
>slippage/shifting that characterizes your work shifts as well here to the 

thanks alan...4 some reason i was a bit hesitant about this wurk - wasn't 
sure if it worked completely....+ had trubble with whether to keep the 
scroll rate just above a natural reader speed.....have had other feedback 
that indicated a lack of comprehension in regards to grasping both 
[meta_graphic] narrative layers completely [as in contrasting them 
simultaneously whilst on screen]...so i ended up altering it....

>xor seems somewhat equivalent to x or y in both senses, that of exclusion 
>and that of potential inclusion. Since you say Wurk 1 I assume there will 
>be more?

there will.

>I'm curious where they will go.

am v keen 2 keep them simple, stripped back, just treading a nominal 
interface design + old skool [non-whistle+bellish] forms blended with a 
notion of poesis trapped in webamber.genetic.fluid....

>Also wanted to mention the cyborg component of this piece - the encoded 
>mirrored body which is rendered both hieroglyphic and dys/functional. And 
>it's hot!

:) the more i work, the more i watch fleshborg components creep out + 
n.gulf the working space.

thx 4 the feedback,

_intricate mirror mem[e_st]ories_


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