[NetBehaviour] Measc: Multimedia performance about consumerism using tag technology

Teresa Dillon Teresa.Dillon at nestafuturelab.org
Mon Oct 10 08:53:11 CEST 2005

19th - 22nd October, Bristol, UK
John Wesley's New Room
polar produce: www.polarproduce.org

Measc is a multimedia live performance, which plays with ideas of consumption and production in the modern city. The piece explores the history of the 18th centuary John Wesley's New Room, trade in Bristol and contemporary responses to our 'one-size-fits-all' society. In developing this piece, polar produce have repurposed radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, which are commonly used in the retail sector to tag and track distribution of goods across warehouses. Our attempt has been to create context specific experiences, which emerge through the interactions between performers, technologies and audience.

So how does this work? At the beginning of the performance, you swap your ticket for a map. Embedded in the map is a RFID tag with a unique code. As you walk round the space you're map is 'read', and triggers or changes multi-media content - sound, film, music and graphics. Extending this along the way you encounter nine tagged performers who interact with visitors, the building and with each other to create the unfolding narrative.

Tickets are available from the Arnolfini box office http://www.arnolfini.org.uk/booking/index.php
Tel: 0117 917 2300/0117 917 2301 or email: boxoffice at arnolfini.org.uk
Price:	 £8 full price, £6 concessions 
Venue: The New Room/John Wesley's Chapel, 36 The Horsefair, Bristol, UK
Dates: 19 - 22 October
Times: 7pm - 10pm (arrive, depart and return at any time during these hours)

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