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-New works reviewed on Furtherfield.


OnlyOneNativeSpeaker - socialfiction.org
Visually, OnlyOneNativeSpeaker is simple and straightforward while the 
contents alternate between playful, dense, poetic and esoteric. The home 
page, with a white background, teal serif text and large red headers, is 
roughly divided vertically in half. The left half contains a chatty yet 
informative description of OnlyOneNativeSpeaker's purpose, along with an 
exhortation for participation, while the right half contains several 
lists of links grouped under the headings of "Infrastructure," 
"Languages," and "Categories." "Languages" is divided into several 
subcategories: "Local," "Submitted," and "Of interest." "Infrastructure" 
contains links to the OONS wiki, the OONS del.icio.us page, and an OONS 
yahoogroups mailinglist, along with an email link to socialfiction.org 
for language submissions. Reviewer: Alsion Colman.

Black Holes - Lewis LaCook.
One of the questions that faces those of us who wish to frame and seek 
answers to the question of what is Net.Art, (or at least, what it could 
be) is the consideration of what part of the project is Net dependant? 
Has the artist used the internet merely as the carrier for the art work, 
and therefore used it as a free and worldwide form of art gallery, or is 
the work intrinsically borne on the web and unable to exist in any other 
form? Is the artwork using the networked environment in such a way that 
its content is in part formed by the medium? Reviewer: Mark Hancock.

Low-fi exhibition including works by: Radarboy, Cavan Convery, UK Museum 
of Ordure, Mauricio Arango, James Coupe, Kate Rich.
This exhibition is ambitious in its breadth of concept, content and 
range of networked technologies and while Low-fi accommodates some 
experimental concept- stretching in a couple of the artworks, the show 
is astutely curated. By not relying on the usual protocols of 
established media art history to justify its existence, it manages to 
communicate to new audiences without interfering with the artwork's 
meanings. The supporting information is clear and unpretentious, 
introducing the work in a way that serves to demystify the technology 
and places its use well in the context of the artists’ intentions. 
Collaborative Review: Marc Garrett & Ruth Catlow.

BramTV – - Annie Abrahams.
The many works built by Bramtv have different existences that emerge 
according to the decisions that the users make during their visits. The 
Internet here is used as a multi-mass universe, of simulations and 
proposals, where a person can rebuild and re-invent one's self or 
selves, without having to deal with the usual risk of come back or the 
niggling drudge of reality. Bramtv’s snapshot of the website are 
accessible via the collection button, but the collection pages change 
each time and when somebody prints a page of the collection it is a 99% 
bet of certainty that they will have a '”single portrait” of bram.org. 
Reviewer: Joachim Desarmenien.

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OnlyOneNativeSpeaker - socialfiction.org
Black Holes - Lewis LaCook.
Low-fi exhibition- Low-fi gets physical at Stills.
BramTV - Annie Abrahams.


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