[NetBehaviour] RA randomSeed Online real-time Event.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Oct 15 15:10:52 CEST 2005

*A randomSeed Online real-time Event.*

With the launch of a new work, randomSeed Online, within the 'theatre of 
restless automata' exhibition at HTTP, you are now able to view the 
development of this computational system remotely, in real-time on the web.

RandomSeed Online uploads an image every hour from one of the systems 
installed in the gallery. Online visitors can view how the system 
develops from its (online) launch (which was on the 8th October) to the 
closing of the exhibition at 5pm on 23rd October 2005.
View the work from here 

Emergence and Poetics in Restless Automata
On the 8th October Boredomresearch gave  a talk at the gallery, 
discussing the relationship between emergence and poetics in respect to 
generative computational artwork. Using works from  'theatre of restless 
automata' they explore the notion that inherent mystification in 
emergent and computational abstraction takes on a poetic form. You can 
download illustrated text that was presented at the artists' talk (pdf 

For further information about randomSeed please visit 
www.boredomresearch.net/randomseed. Here boredomresearch presents 
research and development material that led to these computational 
systems being created. boredomresearch unveil investigations into simple 
rules found in natural systems and how these can produce diverse and 
complex images free from their aesthetic control.

randomSeed Online was created by boredomresearch for HTTP with 
programming by Neil Jenkins. It was made possible by Aspex Gallery.

--------------- Getting to HTTP:
Unit A2, Arena Business Centre,
71 Ashfield Rd, London N4 1NY
Tube: Manor House, Buses: 341, 141,
Car: free parking facilities

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