[NetBehaviour] finding...

Marcus Kirsch marCus at unvoid.net
Mon Oct 17 10:49:28 CEST 2005

...the right code is what I would like to achieve.

Just a short intro in case I havent yet, my name is Marcus, I am german 
artist of sorts based in London, yet at the moment working on a project 
in Rotterdam at V2_ lab.
For the installation I am building here, I need amongst other things, a 
little tailor-made bluetooth app, preferably for OS X.
Its got to be simple sniffing and creating a little list that later 
sends images to the (preferably) phones.
Main thing will run on director, only bluetooth would be an external app 
doing that job.

Now, if anyone can point me towards anything that can help is this 
manner, somewhat of a bluetooth mentor would be handy.

we got an estimated 3-4 weeks for dev.

Go Team Bluetooth!


Marcus Kirsch
MA (RCA) Interaction Designer and Technoartist
London, UK
email: marcus at resonancedesign.co.uk
phone: NL: +31 (0) 643597869
       UK: +44 (0) 7950 177633
       US: +1  (0) 347 220 4047



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