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*Manifesto Games to fuel independent devs...*

A new digital distribution publisher founded by American games industry 
names Greg Costikyan (right) and Johnny Wilson has been formed. Called 
Manifesto Games, it has one clear aim: "to build a trong and viable 
independent game industry." The move has come as a response to the 
percieved constraints of retail channels and their reliance on big 
budget titles, and is seen by the company founders as the perfect way to 
encourage niche content or games that would otherwise be overlooked.

Writer and games designer Costikyan (whose Game Developers Conference 
rant about how the games industry is "fucked" should it continue on its 
big-budget path Edge readers may remember from our transcription in 
E149), had this to say about the new venture: "The game industry has 
become moribund. It is now essentially impossible for anything other 
than a franchise title or licensed product to obtain distribution. Yet 
historically, the major hits, the titles that have expanded the industry 
to new markets and created new audiences have been highly innovative. It 
is time for us to find a way to foster innovation, because it's not 
going to happen if we leave it to the large publishers."


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