[NetBehaviour] Actions, what there is

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Oct 21 18:25:43 CEST 2005

Actions, what there is

Bhasha Pariccheda, Division of the Categories of the Nya'ya Philosophy -
Roeg translation 1847-50, there's this:

"There are five actions, throwing upwards, throwing downwards, contract-
ing, expanding and going.
Wandering about, evacuating, trickling, flaming upwards, moving crookedly,
are included in going."

Actions are externally vectored, or internally transformed (torsion,
tensor calculus). Vectors require gravitation, i.e. 'upwards' and 'down-
wards' conditioned by that which is capable of contraction, expansion.
Actions are situated, coherent with earth's inhabitation.

Within 'going,' 'wandering about' configures only the neutrality of move-
ment; the same is true with 'moving crookedly.' 'Flaming upwards' implies
an external vector. 'Wandering about' and 'moving crookedly' imply no such
thing, neither foundation nor embedding space; one may wander nowhere,
move crookedly in relation to one's presence, an interiority related to
intrinsic surface measurement.

'Trickling' and 'evacuating' reference abject expulsion; they countenance
both interior and exterior, compression or collapse of the former, and the
turbulent spew or emission of the latter - which is inherently vectorless
- instead a fuzzy open set, topological suppuration.

These categories, all of them, meld into one another - interior is the
complement, however fuzzy, penetrated, incoherent, of exterior; trickling
is ingestion, evacuation is impulsion. The world roils. There are 'five
actions,' actions within inactions, inactions within actions, inhering
incoherency of roiling. Action = eternal movement = breath. Organism is
central to worlding, worlding is central to organism.


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