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Don't miss the new archives of Live A/V net performances within the 
VisitorsStudio organised by Furthernoise.org (www.furthernoise.org),

A/V net performance- Session (1) September 2005

Chris Vine(USA) - 

Mark Francombe(Norway) - 

A/V net performance- Session (2) October 2005

2TOMS (France) - http://www.furtherstudio.org/live/furthernoise/2toms.html
John Kannenberg(USA)- 

VisitorsStudio is currently featured as part of Ricochet, an exhibition 
at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh from 16th October - 18th December 2005.
Also including work by Henna Nadeem, Leena Nammari, Chris Dooks, Pamela So.
RICOCHET: http://www.stills.org/


The VisitorsStudio is a live multi-user online arena for production, 
display and discussion of audiovisual, screen based work. Visitors 
experiment and respond to each others' dancing-cursors and chat, while 
uploading, mixing and exhibiting their own compositions - still images, 
mp3 audio and flash animations.

The audio visual mix is always live, all visitors see the mix change and 
develop in real-time as they and others interact - a unique way of 
communicating across perceptual, social, geographical and linguistic 
divides on their own terms.

The studio has also been used as an interview and performance space with 
Furtherfield's sister site furthernoise.org for sonic artists and 
musicians including Jodi Rose [Australia], MikroKnytes [USA] and Scott 
Taylor, Mr Mutton_deluxe [UK]. Furtherfield's recent retrospective of 
net.artist Andy Deck [USA] also culminated with a live interview and 
performance using VisitorsStudio.

Already, many artists and media-labs in the UK, USA, Australia, Balkans 
and Brazil have worked with VisitorsStudio as a global platform for live 
audio-visual jamming events including Autolabs Tactical Week:end 
(Brazil) and furtherfield's collaborative response to the Republican 
National Congress, 'Dissension Convention' featuring over 20 
internationally located artists and broadcast live at Postmasters 
Gallery [NY].

Collaboratively developed by artists, programmers, critics and curators, 
with significant contributions by audiences new to net art, and members 
of online art and technology forums, this platform has grown organically 
in response to their participation. Additions and enhancements to its 
functionality, usability and communication are made to accommodate and 
extend the artistic aspirations of its users.

And yes, it is open for anyone to experiment with - if there is a group 
who wish to meet online let us know...

info at furtherfield.org

VisitorsStudio is a Furtherfield project:
concept, programming and design - Neil Jenkins
concept, and project organisation, co-ordination - Marc Garret & Ruth 
design and user manual - Chris Webb

Requires live internet connection and web browser with Flash Plugin [v6+].
The studio is also available as a Mac/PC standalone application.
DSL or faster connection preferred, although the studio is accessible 
over 56k modem connection.

Other links of interest that have used the Studio:

Link to the Empyre list with Marc Garrett discussing the dynamics of 

A live, multimedia, online interview between Andy Deck and Furtherfield 
took place in the VisitorsStudio on 11.08.04.

MULTI-av - 10/9/04 - Cross Continental Audio Video Jam with Mikroknytes 
(USA), Sawtooth (UK) and Darren Zeising aka Stalker (Australia).
Using the Internet and a special web based computer application called 
Visitors Studio, live digital video and audio was mixed from all three 
continents and projected on the wall.

DissentionConvention - Coincided with the Republican Convention in New 
York, over 20 international net artists and digital artists broadcasted 
a new collaborative art-polemic with a focus on how Bush and the US 
Republicans negatively influence every locality around the world. An 
edited archive of the 30 hours performance created during this unique 

The Visitors Studio, also linked from www.Soy.de with various projects 

VSBlog - Screen moments from the VisitorsStudio by Chris Webb

Scarcelight / Mikroknytes Visitors Studio Interview
This session was played out in real-time from Alabama in the US as label 
manager / musician Chris Jeely discusses Scarcelight philosophy whilst 
Mikroknytes Derek Morton and John Coursey serve up an audio visual 
collage of new material.


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