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*<<November 1, 7:00-9:00 p.m.>>*


Currently a website developer and net artist, Carmin Karasic is a 
founding member of the Electronic Disturbance Theater and Assistant 
Director of Boston Cyberarts. She has received several grants and 
exhibited in over 30 group shows online and in real space, including the 
DeCordova Museum, the MIT List Center, the Attleboro Museum, the 
Computer Museum, The Art Institute of Boston, The New England School of 
Art and Design, The Remote, Brooks Gallery at Cooper Union, and New York 
Hall of Science. Karasic resides in Boston, Massachusetts and Eindhoven, 
The Netherlands.


Sal Randolph lives in New York and produces independent art projects 
involving gift economies and social architectures, including Free Words, 
Free Manifesta, and Opsound. She has recently been developing work in 
the areas of experiential and participatory art, including 
intheconversation (a website for texts on experiential art), and be 
something (a collaboration with performance artist Kathe Izzo). Randolph 
works with sound as situationalaudio and as a member of the band Weapons 
of Mass Destruction. She is also part of the psychogeographical artist 
network, Glowlab.

*<<<November 17, 2005, 7:00-9:00 p.m.>>>*


Nathaniel Stern (Johannesburg/New York City) is an internationally 
exhibited installation and video artist, net.artist and performance 
poet. His interactive installations have won awards in New York, 
Australia and South Africa, and his net.art has been featured in 
festivals all over Europe, Asia and the US. Nathaniel's collaborative 
physical theatre and multimedia performance work with the Forgotten 
Angle Theatre Collaborative has won three FNB Vita Awards and has seen 
three main stage features at the Grahamstown Festival, South Africa. His 
poetry repertoire includes CBGBs and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the US 
National Poetry Slam and the South African HIV/AIDS Arts, Media & Film 
Festival. Nathaniel's work, which ranges from academic research to 
performative spaces, asks viewers to unpack the everyday, and 'look 
again' at our relationships with the world, each other, and ourselves. 
It explores said connections, and their implicit sociopolitical 
questions, as always incipient, continually emerging.

WHERE: Art Interactive, 130 Bishop Allen Drive, at the corner of 
Prospect Street, Cambridge.



Upgrade! Boston: http://turbulence.org/upgrade


/Jo-Anne Green, Co-Director/
*New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.*: http://new-radio.org
*New York:* 917.548.7780 . *Boston:* 617.522.3856
*Turbulence:* http://turbulence.org
*New American Radio:* http://somewhere.org
*Networked_Performance Blog and Conference:* http://turbulence.org/blog
*Upgrade! Boston*: http://turbulence.org/upgrade

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