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October 24, 2005
Turbulence Artists' Studios: "re_collection" by Michael Takeo Magruder
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"Re_collection" is the product of one of the most ubiquitous 
technologies - the mobile phone. A captured moment, precious and 
instilled with personal significance, provides the exclusive source 
material for the artwork. The recorded sequence -- stripped of 
resolution and apparent depth -- has become depersonalised, reduced to a 
minimalist aesthetic that reveals archetypal forms and the inherent 
emotional connotations they evoke. Through this purposeful paring back 
of detail the divisions between personal and universal are questioned. 
It is a search to reveal the underlying 'truth' to these, our most 
intimate of recollections that exist between dream and remembrance.


Michael Takeo Magruder is an American artist based in the UK who works 
within the fields of New and Interactive Media. He received his formal 
education at the University of Virginia, USA, graduating with a degree 
in Biological Sciences. For the past eight years his artistic practice 
has reflected upon society's data-driven and information saturated 
existence through the examination of international news communications. 
By recombining the notions of art and media, it has been his intention 
to analyze the interconnections which have been forged between the 
individual and the pervasive media network. It is a questioning of 
product vs. process, knowledge vs. stimulation, fact vs. perspective.

Magruder's artistic production has been exhibited worldwide and 
encompasses an eclectic mix of forms, ranging from futuristic 
stained-glass windows, digital lightscreens and modular light-sculptures 
to architectural manipulations, ephemeral video projections and 
interactive network installations. His current explorations and research 
embrace 3D stereoscopic projection, immersive multi-sensory environments 
and interactive non-linear narratives for network/gallery settings. His 
work in these fields is presently supported by Turbulence.org, 3D 
Visualization Group: University of Warwick, and Arts Council England.

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