[NetBehaviour] EthicalHack.org

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Feb 19 16:55:05 CET 2006


Computer hardware, software and other other appliances exist to be 
modified, hacked, taken apart and put back together. It's all part of 
the learning process. Why follow the rules? Isn't it better to 
understand why things are done a particular way rather than just 
mindlessly following a certain method without contemplating a better 
method? Are we robots?

The theme that runs through the hacker community is the desire to play 
around and experiment until the workings of a particular object is 
either understood or a way to make it do something other than what it is 
designed to do is found.

Is there an element of society that doesn't benefit from the hacker 
mentality? Thinking outside the box, staying focused on your goal and 
trusting your instincts are common attributes in anyone who is pursuing 
something, not just sitting behind a desk, in a production line or in 
front of the TV. The hacker mentality can be found in places such as 
art, police investigation and even science.


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