[NetBehaviour] New Soundtoys site launched.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Feb 21 19:10:37 CET 2006

New Soundtoys site launched.


The soundtoys.net website which houses a huge range of audiovisual 
artworks has been redesigned with a series of new interfaces and new 
functionality. All of the content has been tagged with associated words 
in a database which means you can now browse the entire soundtoys 
collection thematically.

Stanza has commissioned artists to interpret and utilize the database of 
artworks thus creating unique new interfaces from which you can interact 
and browse the soundtoys online collection.

Soundtoys.net is an artwork by Stanza. The aim of the project is to 
allow open access of the artworks that exist within the site, while at 
the same time treating these artworks as ‘assets’, as data, for 
re-experiencing the internet. Soundtoys.net now exists so others can 
take live feeds and link directly to the works. The new API allows the 
artworks to be re categorized depending on how one wants to relate to 
them. The idea was to make online interfaces that would create unique 
ways to access or interpret the Soundtoys artists, artworks and journal 
data. To do this I decided to start the whole project again and with the 
help of Gill Haworth at The Watershed we got some Arts Council England 
funding to allow this vision to take place. Using the new TAG system 
implemented by Toxi, its is possible to quickly re-arrange and 
‘re-curate’ the content within the site into specific themes. Many 
thanks to Toxi rebuilt the soundtoys.net database and produced the API 
and tags allowing for live feeds and open framework.

During this last year the commissioned artists worked to interpret the 
new open system. The artists commissioned where:

Philip O’Dwyer, Neil Jenkins, squidsoup, and Adam Hoyle with Julian 
Baker, Toxi.

Philip O’Dwyer chose to make a playful interface to the journal area of 
soundtoys.net creating a gateway to a large body of essays and 
interviews. Adam Hoyle and Julian Baker have created an interface that 
links all the content into one interface representing a radar system. 
Neil Jenkins is interested in the use of real and virtual networks for 
the creation of interactive pieces. His interface is an experiment 
representing the Soundtoys collection as data. Squidsoup's interface 
brings together works suitable for kids into a playfull 3d space. Toxi 
rebuilt the soundtoys.net database and produced the API and tags 
allowing for live feeds and open framework.

The commissions where funded by Arts Council England and supported by 

Soundtoys Commissions Now Available.

Soundtoys.net wants to commission two online interactive soundtoys 
experiences. There is a cash award of £900 pounds for each one. These 
commissions will be made as soon a possible so please send in your 
ideas, concepts and how you plan to deliver it. The piece must be for 
the web or mobile platforms, ie it will be featured on the soundtoys.net 

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