[NetBehaviour] A presentation on how to MakeTV for the Sideshow broadcasts.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Feb 24 17:04:49 CET 2006

Make TV will be hosting a programme of live web broadcasts, curated by 
Sideshow and Active Ingredient, every Thursday throughout May 2006.

Artists will be invited to perform live and interact with the audience 
who in turn will have a chance to vote on their favourite broadcasts.

To find out more about how to MakeTV, submit a proposal or discuss your 
ideas for live web broadcasts
come to a presentation by Active Ingredient about the project at:
Broadway Media Centre
14-18 Broad Street
Nottingham NG1 3AL
Monday 20th March 2006, 6pm

*All you need to deliver a live webcast is:*

    * Internet connection (preferably broadband)
    * A USB webcam
    * A microphone
    * Flash Player

Sideshow is an artist-led event showcasing regional excellence alongside 
national and international activity. For more details visit 
www.sideshowonline.org or email _info at sideshowonline.org 
<mailto:info at sideshowonline.org>_
www.make-tv.net <http://www.make-tv.net>

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