[NetBehaviour] Online MA in Creative Writing & New Media validated for 2006 entry - apply now

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Sat Feb 25 13:03:14 CET 2006


The Online MA in Creative Writing & New Media at De Montfort
University was validated on 24.2.06 and is now confirmed to begin
Autumn 2006. The deadline for applications for 2006 entry is 1st
September 2006.

The course has a unique commitment to the connections between writing
and new media and offers an excellent online learning experience
combined with one week's intensive campus-based study. You will enjoy
1-1 tutorial support, lively workshops with fellow students, the
opportunity to create collaborative and interactive projects, and
encounters with a wide range of professional writers and innovators.

The MA is designed by Sue Thomas, writer and former Artistic Director
of the trAce Online Writing Centre, and Kate Pullinger, acclaimed
novelist and new media writer. The course has extensive links with
important initiatives including DMU's Institute of Creative
Technologies, research into digital narratives and new media writing,
and the creative, digital and publishing industries.

The MA in Creative Writing and New Media is designed for writers
interested in experimenting with new formats and has creative
applications in the workplace and community as well as in writing,
teaching and publishing, all culminating in an atmosphere which is
challenging, interdisciplinary, and international.

95% of the course takes place online - highly convenient for students
wishing to obtain an MA in Creative Writing by distance learning.
There is also a compulsory Campus Week which in 2006 will take place
over 5 days from 20-24 November at the De Montfort campus in the
centre of the busy city of Leicester.

The course is designed for writers interested in experimenting with
new formats and is informed by contemporary thinking on transliteracy,
meaning the ability to read, write and interpret across a range of
media from orality through print and film to networked environments.
Creative Writing, indeed the very nature of text itself, is changing.
No longer bound by print, there are many opportunities for writers to
experiment with new kinds of media, different voices and experimental
platforms, both independently and in collaboration with other writers
or other fields and disciplines. Not only is writing evolving, but
writers themselves are developing broader expectations and
aspirations. Novelists are learning about the potential of hypertext
and multimedia to change the ways in which a story can be told.
Journalists are finding that blogs and wikis are radically affecting
their relationships with their readers. Community artists are
discovering powerful collaborative narratives. And the commercial
world is finding new and creative ways to interact with its employees
and customers in the fast-growing Attention Economy of the internet.

While digital media have altered the way we disseminate and gather
information, readers – both online and offline – still hunger for
compelling narratives. As readers, we want to be told stories; we
want complex and interesting ideas and characters; we want vivid
pictures in our heads. As writers we want to communicate. We need
good stories well-told, whatever our choice of delivery platform. The
MA in Creative Writing and New Media gives students an opportunity to
focus on developing work at the cutting edge of the new technologies,
enabling you to find new ways of thinking about narrative.

Visit the temporary website at http://writing.typepad.com/cwt/ for
further information and details on how to apply.

Sue Thomas
Professor of New Media
De Montfort University
sue.thomas at dmu.ac.uk


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