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Fri Jul 7 05:00:07 CEST 2006

Sorry about that - we had a little problem last night with the page  
layout going askew - long story- that must have been when you visited.
We'd love to receive your breath. (one word or many to describe your  
breath) especially in relation to your location -  Here's the login  

clik:  Login

user name: rainy
password: breath

This will take you to the Dashboard
Clik: Write a Post
After writing your post and choosing a category
clik: Publish

Looking forward to your breath...
please let us know if you still have probs.
maria + norie

> Hi there,
>   I would like to contribute, yet I cant find where and the  
> description
> "how to..." just says, please contribute ... (doh)
> The login doesnt help , its way down the layout anyways, so apart from
> writing a comment on an existing breath I have no breath looing for  
> how to
> describe the latter,  shame......
> marCus
>> Dear Netbehaviourists and fellow breathers,
>> We'd like to invite you to contribute to our breath collection at
>> 'Talking About the Weather' Blog.
>> Is is very easy, just describe your breath in one word or many...
>> More info about the project is below. Or you could visit the Blog and
>> see for yourself.
>> http://www.scanz.net.nz/weathertalk/
>> If you'd like to contribute to our breath collection email us (hit
>> reply) for the login details.
>> Thanx
>> maria + norie
>> About the Project:
>> "The air you just exhaled has already spread far and wide. The CO2
>> from a breath last week may now be feeding a plant on a distant
>> continent, or plankton in a frozen sea. In a matter of months all of
>> the CO2 you just exhaled will have dispersed around the planet."
>> Tim Flannery, The Weather Makers
>> Talking About the Weather is an ongoing cross media project exploring
>> our own response to the terrifying spectre of global climate change.
>> Sheer terror at the possibilities that are being talked about led us
>> to 'talking about the weather'. The weather, once a safe way for
>> strangers to connect, is now fraught with an edge of danger as
>> ominous signs of global warming multiply. In this project weathertalk
>> is no longer a banal exchange of local weather forecasts, but instead
>> we ask people to donate their breath - the breath which they would
>> normally use to talk about the weather and the same breath that is
>> spread far and wide as described by Tim Flannery.
>> Working with breath emphasises the dynamic nature of the atmosphere
>> and our part in its creation and destruction. As Tim Flannery says,
>> every breath you take makes you part of a dynamic system called the
>> atmosphere, or the aerial ocean.
>> Talking about the Weather involves performative encounters, where we
>> perform two Australian visitors to a foreign place asking for
>> donations to our breath collection (to be the largest in the world)
>> with which we will blow back global warming. These performative
>> encounters continue our work with the �pataphysical mode of an
>> imaginary solution for an actual problem� in this case  
>>> global warming.
>> We have been �documenting� the encounters on video and
> there is a
>> link to excerpts on the blog.
>> During our (July 3-17) new media residency in New Zealand (SCANZ-
>> http://www.scanz.net.nz/weathertalk/), we will be collecting more
>> breath on the streets of New Plymouth. We will be exhibiting the
>> breath collections, including your contributions, at Govett-Brewster
>> Gallery in New Zealand in mid July, so please contribute soon.
>> Who we are:Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between Australian media
>> artists Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark . For more info see our
>> website:
>> http://www.out-of-sync.com/ 
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